100,000 Cubicle Hours

Andrew Hammond, Nikita Gale, Tak Masuda & Matt Sigmon

Atlanta Contemporary - Atlanta, GA

January-March 2012
Photos by Dashboard


Humans spend approximately 100,000 hours working –100,000 hours spent away from friends, family, mates, and in some cases, the person we consider ourselves to be. On the job our behavior is appropriate, polite... tight. We become unrecognizable, an alter ego. Our office job alter egos have work clothes, a work voice, a work computer, work jargon, agendas, lists, meetings, lunch breaks, conference calls, performance reviews, and cubicles.

Having just started “real jobs” themselves, the artists in 100,000 Cubicle Hours created an office environment to give viewers a sense of what it’s like for creative types to bumble around under fluorescent lighting, secretly playing within the gray space in an effort to keep their spirits intact.