Installations by Jane Cassidy & Kelly O'Brien performances by Fly on a Wall (Nicole Johnson, Sean Hilton, Nathan Griswold)

Woodruff Arts Center - Atlanta, Ga


May - Sept 2016


An Immersive Installation & Performance Made for Babies & Caretakers, Alike.


In late 2015, our pals at the Alliance Theatre sat us down to propose a new Dashboard commission. 

"Dash, everyone knows you love outer space," The Alliance said. "How's about you make a show about space for the Alliance?" 

we said. "We love this."

"There's a kicker," the Alliance said. "It's gotta be touchable, squeeze-able, lick-able."

"Hmm." we said.

"Because it's for babies!" the Alliance yipped. "And not just any babies but the babiest babies, infants 0-6 months-old. Oh, and it has to engage caretakers and parents too, so nothing too baby-baby."

"We've never held a baby," we sheeped. "But we like this. The kicker is we have to bring in world class visual artists and dancers to make it a truly refined touchable lick-able experience."

"Duh," the Alliance said.

All told, Babies in Space hosted 11 weeks of performances (4 performances per week!) which welcomed 3000 babies + their adults. And countless others spent time in the installation throughout the week, it was open 7 days a week, 10 to 5PM and FREE! 

We even heard the Alliance started having their staff meetings in Babies in Space...we can't blame em.   




Photos by Brandon English

A Commission of the Alliance Theatre’s Theatre for the Very Young Program