A Dance Meets Film Gallery Exhibition


Fly on a Wall
(Nicole Johnson, Sean Hilton, Nathan Griswold, Kelly Tipton)

Dash Gallery – Atlanta, GA

May, 2016
Photos by David W. Batterman

For this project, Fly on a Wall immersed themselves in the layers and patterns of an abandoned house in Atlanta’s Historic West End. Multiple vignettes were created to reveal the intrinsic nature of each room and the ways in which we live in them. Fly on a Wall has collaborated with three distinctive Atlanta filmmakers, Felipe Barral, Kris Valeriano and Alex Zhuravlov, as well as Stephanie Swart, an animation artist from New York City.

Each filmmaker was presented with the same physical material. They were given one day to film from their point of view using their individual style. The edited films will be exhibited, side-by side, to present four unique perspectives on the same work.