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Hannah Leathers

Director of Special Projects
hannah@dashboard.us / @hannahleathers_studio

Hannah Leathers is an artist and arts administrator from Atlanta, Georgia, currently residing in Denver, CO. She has been working behind the scenes for Dashboard since April 2017 as the Communications Manager; and was recently promoted as the full-time Director of Special Projects for Dash.

From 2015 to 2017, Hannah worked for the City of Atlanta’s Public Art Program. She spearheaded projects such as the Mural Bike Rack Program, which received awards from the Mayor of Atlanta and Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. She was also a project leader for Elevate Atlanta, a 7-day public art and performance celebration in Downtown Atlanta; Journey to Freedom, a mural project featuring women from the Civil Rights Movement, and several other large-scale public art projects.

Hannah holds a BFA in Studio Art/Art Education, and a Master’s in Art Education from the University of Georgia. She has a special interest in research surrounding public art, and the intersection between art and social justice. She is also a working artist, creating drawings and paintings that explore stream of consciousness and social justice themes. Hannah continues to use her background in education by teaching when she can; most recently, she was selected by Platte Forum as a Lead Artist to teach 16 high-schoolers a weekly drawing and gender/social justice class.

Hannah’s drawings and paintings have been shown in Atlanta and Denver, and have appeared in publications including British GQ, Huffington Post, and in Casper Mattress marketing campaigns. She has sat on selection panels for the Atlanta Art on the Beltline; and has consulted/volunteered for several organizations such as Crush Walls and Platte Forum.

In her spare time, Hannah is a pro-elite ultimate frisbee athlete, and an activist/leader for gender equity within the sport.