Hambidge Center for Arts and Sciences - Rabun, GA

Opened August 21, 2017

Art-viewing hikes are by appointment, Mon - Sat, 10am-3pm. Visitors first need to call the office at 706-746-7324 to make an appointment, then check in at the gallery office upon arrival to get a map and any other instructions. There are directional signs on the trail, but the hikes are self-guided, so visitors need to stop by the office as they leave (before 4pm) to let folks at Hambidge know you didn't get lost.


Dashboard veteran, Scott Hocking, created a site-specific artwork - titled MASSA CONFUSA - in the woods of rural North Georgia. The piece was unveiled on August 21, 2017 at Hambdige Center's "Eclipse Party," and is a part of Hambidge's new commitment to present permanent, site-specific artworks within the natural landscape.



The installation was created at the Hambidge Creative Arts Center over the course of 5 weeks between June and August 2017.  Based on ideas of chaos, prima materia, hundun, alchemical transformation, sacred geometry, creation mythologies, cosmogonies, numerologies, red clay, iron oxide, historical and ancient histories of Hambidge and the North Georgia mountains, Cherokee and Mississippian cultures, The Secret of the Golden Flower, Jungian interpretations, ceremonial and archaeological sites, obscure objects of worship, and the varied symbolism of the terrapin, the installation incorporates the 5 Platonic Solids (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron), 1 Archimedean Solid (truncated icosahedron, the Buckyball), approximately 200 terra-cotta artifacts, and 1 burnt offering of the primordial egg (the Massa Confusa), to create a mystical sacred space in a fern-covered ravine within the temperate Appalachian rain forest of Rabun County, Georgia.


Big thanks to Hambidge Center for their partnership on this project.