中村家 Night Parades
{of Benevolent Demons}

January 30 - February 16, 2019
Wednesdays - Saturdays
6PM - until at Space2 | $10

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During Mobile Kitchen, the yokai siblings will host a series of night parades (nightly parties) at Space2.

The parties will be from 6PM-until | Wednesdays-Saturdays | Jan 30 to Feb 16, 2019
Tickets $10 - purchase at the door | dinner ticket holders are FREE

Glow-in-the dark cocktails will be served inside an immersive environment.
There will also be a nightly DJ set (see below).


January 30 - Thricegroove & Whitney Abstrakt

January 31 - Tito Mazzetta & Komron

February 1 - Divine Interface & Florista

February 2 - Justin Bright & Robert Ansley

February 6 - Taradactyl & Mistermind

February 7 - EVK & DJ Hourglass

February 8 - Sushiceej & Genesis

February 9 - Kai Alce & Ash Lauryn

February 12 - D2T + Curt Jackson

February 13 - Yoon Nam & Gnosis

February 14 - Injex & Jay Simon

February 15 - Farbod Kokabi & Bobby Power

February 16 - Stefan Ringer & Michael Scott

* is presented by Dashboard + Zoo as Zoo + 8arm
*Night Parades are produced by Dashboard, Zoo as Zoo, the Sound Table, Carl Injex, HugeINC & 8arm



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What is THE Nakamura.Ke Mobile Kitchen?

The Mobile Kitchen is a mobile dining experience showcasing high-end glow-in-the-dark food and cocktails created by award-winning chefs and designers.

Unlike a typical bar or club, the {House of Nakamura} is a totally immersive dining experience including theatrics, storytelling, art, and folklore.


Dashboard US: Founder, Managing Partner 

Zoo as Zoo: Founder, Chief Creative

Bompas & Parr: Lumen Menu Developer

8 arm: Chef/Owner, Nhan Le, Executive Chef with Skip Engelbrecht & Duane Kulers

the Sound Table: DJ/Owner, Karl Injex Night Parades Sound Curator

Taria Camerino: Chef / House Spirits Desserts @ Enchanted Zashiki

Frank Nitty: Designer / Animator

Huge Inc: Tech partner - Night Parades

NinePound: Mobile Kitchen Fabricator

How does it work?

The ticketed dining experience in the mobile kitchen will last 30 minutes. When purchasing a ticket, guests will select a specific date and 30 minute time slot. Each ticket reserves one seat at the mobile kitchen for one 30 minute meal (and one full experience). The kitchen seats six people at a time; thus, guests may purchase up to 6 tickets per time slot. Ticket purchasers will receive a gold token in the mail; this is your ticket and access to the event. Those interested in who are not able to purchase a dining ticket (they are selling FAST) are encouraged to attend the night parades (nightly parties) at Space2 and Paris on Ponce, for $10 at the door. The night parades will have the Nakamura immersive feel and offer glowing small-bites and cocktails.

When should I get there / how long should I stay?

If you hold a dining ticket, please arrive on site at least 15 minutes before your selected time frame. Upon arriving, you will be greeted by members of the Nakamura family and learn of their story as they explore the menu. You may also extend your visit (before or after dining.. or both!) with cocktails at the night parades.

What is Nakamura.Ke about?

Five hundred and nine years ago at the turn of the century, human records show the first sighting of the Nakamuras—a family of yokai. They lived harmoniously amongst us, running their family ramen business at night to serve other yokais. Their secret recipe was very popular amongst the spirits. During their busy nights, the restaurant would turn into a carnival, so rowdy that sometimes the festive commotion even reached human senses.

On one fated night, a formidable storm swept through town and engulfed everything in its path. The rising moon casted an ominous shadow on barren earth. The following morning, the Nakamura’s parents went missing. Their mysterious disappearance left their offspring in a frenzy. With the absence of an overhead figure, business took a consequential toll. There was no choice but to close shop indefinitely. 

All of the children went separate ways in an attempt to build a new life for themselves.

Years after, as the screen faded and the dust began to settle, the Nakamura children reunited at the old ramen shop to commemorate their parents. The memorial carried on peacefully until the stove suddenly turned on by itself. Produce started glowing. Utensils started vibrating vigorously, beckoning to be held. The children followed the illuminated objects as they moved through the kitchen. Something was trying to show them their parent’s process of ramen making.

It dawned on them that remnants of their parents' spirits still lingered on by way of their legacy—the secret recipe. They realized that unless they mastered it, they would lose the little that was left of their parents too. Determined, they decided to open the shop again. Every full moon or so, the noodle would glow brightest and the children’s dream would come so close to manifestation, only to watch the light dim back down again.

To this day, the parents' whereabouts remains a mystery. But fruitless results don’t waver their faith. The Nakamura children and their mobile kitchen embarked on a lifetime search, chasing after the brightest full moon around the globe in hopes of a reunion with their parents.

The family, art, and story — created by Zoo as Zoo. kitchen and experiences curated and produced by Dashboard U.S.

Who created the menu?

Created by London’s Bompas & Parr, all items at Nakamura are made with natural ingredients by this award winning global experiential kitchen. Food and drink will be prepared onsite at Nakamura (lead by Executive Chef, Nhan Le) and all cuisine and beverage are designed with a lumen aspect that heightens the senses.

* There will be gluten-free and vegetarian options available.

* All guests must be 18 or older.



Thank you to Kate McLeod, Chintia Kirana, Louise Shaw, Nathan Culver, Nikki Webber Allen, Mitzi Malone, Toni Pentecouteau,
In Kyoung Chun, Richard Harker, Josh Gregg, Katherine Dirga, Andrew & Giannella Wilson, Doug Shipman, Craig Cameron, Dana Haugaard, Allie Bashuk, and Mailchimp for your donations and support of this project!