By Fahamu Pecou

Using satire, through both language and image, Pecou offers the viewer a critical glimpse into the insecurities being played out in hip-hop music, visual culture and American popular culture at large and illustrates our ongoing quest in the "pursuit of happiness."

*Note the glitter speaker was a curatorial choice. The artist's work is an EP. Listen to it here, or visit us in the gallery. C'mon. Come listen.




By Tak Masuda

Understanding the distraction of the journey to attain happiness is the purpose of Happiness Spectrum.  Each lightbulb represents an experience in life wherein the aggregate effect cannot be measured, nor understood, until the End.  A retrospective view will unfold a lucid picture of the journey to achieve Happiness and reveal a richness and beauty that colors each of our lives.  Olivier Messiaen's "Visions de l'amen" inspires the pulses of light on the lightboard. For Messiaen, who experienced a type of synesthesia, a particular color could evoke harmonies or sounds. He composed “Visions” mostly in the key of A, which he associated with blue, the color of the sky and eternity.

*Viewers are encouraged to manipulate the bulbs into a pattern or placement that rings harmonious to them.




By Darcy Mae

After initial attraction, another element must hold the viewer's attention.  People maintain interest when they are included in exclusive conversations.




By Dave Greber

I often explore distraction in my work in terms of both content and form. The concept of this piece was about the instant a distraction pops into your mind, glorified and exploded.  The character is sitting in an (electric) chair sending his consciousness into a created world where he and his vice (beer) are joined.

*Viewers are invited to grab a beer off the bar and drink with Dave.




By Courtney McClellan

Novel is living fiction. Based on a 2013 study that claims reading fiction improves empathy, McClellan re-performs these finds by immersing herself in imagined worlds from books and television. To breach the thin digital barrier between fantasy and reality, she reaches out to the characters she observes in a familiar way: she emails them. Crossing reading with binge-watching, literary fiction with fan fiction, and correspondence with the fake emails on the laptops at the Apple Store, Novel explores what comes from an over abundance of the fictional.

*Viewers are encouraged to sit down and sift through Courtney’s emails.