We rebranded.
It’s still us, just more refined.





What Changed?


Our Look

We changed our logo, our typeface, and truly … our whole look.
Partners, friends, funders: please use the new logo moving forward. Click here to download it.

Our Name

In the past we have been “Dashboard Co-op” and “Dashboard U.S.” We are now formally Dashboard, or Dash for short. In publications, applications and formal situations, please refer to us as Dashboard. In conversation, over social media, you can call us Dash.




 Our Name : Explained

 Dashboard: Our umbrella term, our formal name. The dashboard of Dashboard.

Dash: Our brand, our nickname, our logo. The foundation of our Dash-isms.

What are Dash-isms?  


Though our name is strictly Dashboard, and Dash for short, you may still hear us us reference these Dash-isms via hashtag, or in conversation. Dash____. The possibilities are endless.

#DashUS: We may from time to time reference our old name, Dashboard U.S., but now only as a nickname for our ever-growing, national family of employees, artists, contractors, and projects.

#DashFund: Dashboard grants substantial funding to artists each year. Dash Fund refers to our granting arm.

#DashTravlr: Our blog chronicling artists’ travel around the globe.




 What Hasn’t Changed?



Who We Are

An art company designing dreamlike spaces and experiences.
We are strategists. We are curators. We are artists. We are experiential designers. We are builders.

What We Do

We work with governments, cultural institutions, brands, agencies, developers & the public to invigorate non-traditional spaces with unparalleled design & experiential art. Our services include (from conception to completion): non-traditional artwork exhibition/curation, event design and production, public art commission, artist granting, public programming, and art-forward brand strategy and marketing.


Special thanks to designer Farbod Kokabi for envisioning &
creating our new look.