The Nakamura.Ke 中村家
Mobile Kitchen

A glow-in-the-dark RAMEN SHOP EXPERIENCE

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A mobile, fully immersive dining experience showcasing high-end glow-in-the-dark food & drink, folklore, and storytelling.

Created by award-winning chefs and designers.

The great mystery of the Nakamura … debuting in ATLANTA in Jan 2019, before making stops around the globe.

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Created by London’s Bompas & Parr, all items at Nakamura are made with natural ingredients by this award winning global experiential kitchen. Food + drink will be prepared onsite, and all cuisine and beverage are designed with a lumen aspect that heightens the senses.


The Great Mystery of the Nakamura

Created by Zoo as Zoo.

Serving lumen-ramen to the non-commons since 2019.

Five hundred and nine years ago at the turn of the century, human records show the first sighting of the Nakamura's-- a family of yokai. They lived harmoniously amongst us, running their family ramen business at night to serve other yokai in the netherrealm. Their secret recipe was very popular amongst the spirits. Sometimes, during their busy nights, the restaurant would turn into a carnival, so rowdy that even humans could feel the festive commotion from the underworld.

One fated night, when a formidable storm swept through the town, the moon completely engulfed and the earth casted an ominous shadow, the father and mother were found missing. The mysterious disappearance left their offsprings in a frenzy. With absence of an overhead figure, business took a consequential toll. There was no choice but to shop indefinitely. All seven children went separate ways in an attempt to build a new life for themselves.

Then the following year, as the screen faded and the dust began to settle, the children reunited at the old ramen shop to commemorate their parents. The memorial carried on peacefully, until suddenly, the stove turned on by itself. Produce started glowing; utensils started vibrating vigorously, beckoning to be picked up. The children followed the light as it moved through the kitchen, trying to show them the process of ramen making. It dawned on them that remnants of their parents spirit still lingered on by way of their legacy-- the secret recipe. They realized until they mastered it, they will lose the little that's left of their parents too. Determined, they decided to open their door again. Every full moon or so, the ramen would flow the brightest and the children's will would come so close to manifestation, only to watch it dim back down...