Hapeville Gallery Crawl : 20?5

November 10, 2018 - Hapeville, GA



A gallery crawl in Hapeville, GA exploring what we’ll be, and what we’ll see, in the near to far future.



Jaime Bull, Wisdom ATL, Tori Tinsley, Patrick Di Rito, Mike Stasny, Bae Worldwide, Chrissy Brimmage + Arielle Symone,
Iman Person, Charmaine Minniefield / Sean Irvin, Lauren Pallotta Stumberg, Liza Dorsey, Wanderlust Salon
The Retrovales, Misty Lackey, Christy Lin, Edna Feliciano & The Hapeville UMC Jazz Trio.



Curated by Dashboard U.S. with local components by Chloe Alexander / Presented by Hapeville Arts
Photographs by Craig Leathers and Dave Batterman