I adore your every move

BY NIKITA GALE // Aug 25 – Oct 28, 2018

Kansas City - Missouri

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Presented by Dashboard U.S
For Open Spaces 2018

In partnership with BNIM Architects & Adam Jones Construction & Steinmetz Neon


Artist Nikita Gale - c/o the artist

Artist Nikita Gale - c/o the artist

A handwritten letter by jazz musician Charlie Parker to his wife

stating “I adore your every move -Burd” reproduced

building-size, in neon...

on the historic Boone Theatre in the 18th and Vine District. 

This neon sign reproduction is contemporary monument acknowledging the links between commerce and music and the unique geographic characteristics of KCMO as a space whose infrastructure facilitates a lot of movement of commercial goods (railways, freeways, waterways). The note was originally written by Charlie Parker to his wife but doubles as a message to the city’s infrastructure.


Exhibited alongside a list notable artists for Open Spaces 2018.

Full list here.



I would hope that it creates a moment of pause, similar to how I was imagining the letter functioned in relationship to this idea of Charlie Parker’s tumultuous personal life. It feels like this brief bright spot where a person who is going through so much still has this ability to produce this very intimate, hopeful, poetic, beautiful gesture.
— Nikita Gale - Source: KCUR 89.3 article by Julie Denesha
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