Ulterior Farming Operation, Michael Oliveri. 

Ulterior Farming Operation, Michael Oliveri. 


On view now through June 25, 2017
34°09'55.0"N 116°12'54.1"W

A cross-country public disruption by Michael Oliveri.

From June 8 - June 16, 2017, Dashboard and Protect Awesome traveled from Atlanta, GA to Joshua Tree, CA with several Michael Oliveri UFO sculptures in tow. The crew made stops at several extra-terrestrial roadside attractions along the way, dropping small UFO sculptures at each location as they departed. 

The UFO Roadshow arrived at its final destination, Joshua Tree, CA on June 16. Michael Oliveri's large-scale UFO sculpture was then installed at its final destination - High Desert Test Sites at Sunfair Dry Lake Bed. UFO is on view now.  

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Barn Boat, Scott Hocking, 2015

Barn Boat, Scott Hocking, 2015


March-August 2017
Opening Event: August 21

Hambidge Center for Arts and Sciences, Rabun, GA.

Dashboard veteran, Scott Hocking begins construction on a site-specific artwork in the wilderness of rural Georgia.


Photo by Matthew Addington. 

Photo by Matthew Addington. 


Opening Event: August 19, 6pm
Hapeville, GA

One-night Art Walk by the talented artists of Brutal Studio. This !exclamation! filled event will celebrate Hapeville and the exciting community-inspired changes taking place in this city just south of Atlanta. GREAT for families and will have shipping containers filled with art, music, dancing, and more!!!!!