Skyhouse — Orlando, Florida

March 2016 – Present


At 8 feet high and 60 feet long, Paper Gardens, a new artwork at SkyHouse, brings 1400 cubic feet of vibrant color to Downtown Orlando.

Seven major ecosystems are recognized in Florida, with as many as 82 distinct plant and animal communities. The combination of vast water sources and flat landscapes make changes in elevation transformational for these ecosystems. The range of environments, from marshlands to arid desert, creates an incredible array of colorful foliage unique to Florida. Paper Gardens showcases some of Central Florida’s most exotic, native plant life in exaggerated colors for a striking and educational street-scape experience. Installed in 2016, on permanent view at 335 North Magnolia Avenue, Orlando FL. 

Plantlife on view: Monstera Deliciosa, Bromeliad Flower, Abyssinian Banana, Water Lotus, Dwarf Palmetto, Sago Palm, Taro Plant, Elephant Ear, Snake Plant


Photos by Branden Collins


Thanks to the Novare Group for their support of progressive contemporary design. Thanks to SkyHouse Orlando for giving Paper Gardens a perfect home. Thanks to Ambient Plus Studio in Atlanta, Georgia for providing (east coast) production space for this project.

Thanks to the artistic staff who made Paper Gardens a success. THE YOUNG NEVER SLEEP STUDIO, Branden Collins - Art Director, Designer of Paper Gardens @TheYoungNeverSleep  

Paula Cuevas - Design Assistant @iimpaulaa - Curtis Ames - Installation Assistant @curtisgreat