By Evereman & Protect Awesome

GA Archives Building - Atlanta, GA

February 24, 2017


A message of resistance via light projection and community organizing.

On February 24, the Trump administration issued a press block to specific global media institutions, denying them access to White House briefings. The move denied the American public fair and unbiased coverage of government action and comment.

Dashboard commissioned artist/activist, Evereman with the support of Danny Davis, (Protect Awesome) to express our collective concern to the people of Atlanta by a projecting a message across the Georgia Archives Building. The building - at the time adjacent to the state capitol - was marked for demolition later that week. The message was projected along one the most highly trafficked areas in Atlanta and visible for miles. 


"When GreenPeace dropped a "RESIST" banner over the White House in January, we wanted to show our support of their protest. Evereman, a popular artist known to project large-scale images on the skyline, produced an identical message with light. Today, Evereman alongside many in the Atlanta community share their solidarity for freedom of the press...this does not discount the many issues that have come to the surface since our new administration took office, it is just the current boiling point."

   - Courtney Hammond, Creative Director, Dashboard US