The Super Bowl Show



Jan 31 - Feb 03, 2019 - ATLANTA, GA


221 & 219 Mitchell St.


We welcomed the world to Atlanta for Super Bowl LII. Two storefront installations in South Downtown Atlanta featured work by ten national artists through inflatable sculpture and projection.

Artists: Pneuhaus, In Kyoung Chun, Branden Collins, Imoto Hardy, Michael Oliveri, Erik Thurmond, Thaddeus Bridwell, Claire Molla, Melissa Word, and Oren Goldenberg.

We were proud to be among other ATL artists and friends showcasing the breadth and heart of our city: WonderRoot’s Off the Wall mural project, Georgia State University Art Department’s Split Vision exhibition, and artist Fabian Williams’ #kaeperbowl, presented in solidarity with the invaluable social justice work of Colin Kaepernick.

Welcome to Atlanta, be good to her.

Photos by Dave Batterman