The Digital Armory


denver, co
est. october 16, 2019



An artist-designed lab and EXHIBITION HALL for the fabrication AND SHOWCASE of tech-based, interactive and storytelling media.



Formerly a weapons armory and boxing gym, this 3-story open-air building has been modularly re-designed to provide a multipurpose workspace and state-of-the-art technology for artists, as well as an ever-changing, dynamic exhibition space for the public. 



The re-designed space now includes:

  • Recording Studio

  • Lighting Lab

  • Workspaces

  • Computer Lab

  • 3 Story Open Air Showroom

  • State-of-the-art Tech

  • 13k SF


The space also features a State of the Art Control Room complete with 10 channel projection capability, 34 individual channel of sound, and 28 channels of light. This system makes it possible to control the entire building from one point of view, creating a living digital building, an art piece of its own.





IMG_1207 (1).JPG

The Armory was designed by famed English architect William Quayle and built in 1889. It was built to house the Colorado State Militia and related weaponry. Supporting the main drill room roof are six 75 foot long trusses spanning the largest single room in Denver built before 1890. 

The building passed into private hands in 1913 and went through a series of incarnations as a dance hall, a social club, a roller rink, a truck dealership, and most notably in the 1920s and 30s, The Olympic Auditorium, site of some of the biggest boxing matches in Denver history. In 1964, World Heavyweight Champion Sonny Liston trained in the Armory for the Muhammad Ali fight. In 1938, the building became Art Neon, the largest neon sign plant in the rocky mountain west where nearly all of Denver’s early large neon signs and artisan painted highway billboards were manufactured.


by Underscore Films

Special thanks to

Adam Gordon, Sam Krentzman, Kyle Heir, The Temple Denver, Ryan Furr, Will Umphrey, Brian Sullivan, Lori Owicz, Ricardo Portilla, Luis Portilla, Track Architecture - Patrick McMichael, BEHM Construction, PMT Audio, David Moke, Annie Geimer, Laleh Mehran, Christopher Coleman, Drew Austin, Protect Awesome, Matt Steinbrenner, Robert Edelen, James Rodrock, Christian Baretto Salgado, Mike Sperandeo, Chris Bagley, Jeff Merkel, Chris Turk, Debra Turk, Phannie Haver, Pneuma Kaeris, Bryan Gordon, Alex Shotkoski, Hannah Shotkoski, Amanda Edmiston, Michael Stasny, Danny Davis

Made possible by the support of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company